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Does CEO power matter for the performance of retrenchment strategy?

Rayenda Khresna Brahmana, Hui Wei You, Maria Kontesa

This research aims to examine the moderating role of CEO power on the relationship between retrenchment strategy and firm performance by framing the relationship under an…

Top management team demography and firm operating performance: a path analysis

Tapio Jukka

This paper examined the relationship between TMT demographic properties and firm performance using diversity and level variables and measuring differing constructs of firm…

Strategy, nonstrategy and no strategy

Azaddin Salem Khalifa

To unravel three strategy-related concepts, frequently confused as one, by introducing the new concept of nonstrategy and proposing a novel threefold classification of…


Does institutional ownership affect firms' international investments? empirical evidence from India

Manogna R L, Aswini Kumar Mishra, Abhishek Kumar Sinha

The preference of firm internationalization is shaped by different groups of owners and the institutional environment in which the firm operates. Past studies have largely…

Driving sustainability in SMEs’ performance: the effect of strategic flexibility

Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse, Darwina Arshad, Ahmad Said Alshuaibi

Although the significance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in influencing economic growth is recognized, the performance of SMEs all over the world including Nigeria…


The role of reputation in the business cooperation process: multiple case studies in small and medium-sized enterprises

Mário Franco, Heiko Haase

This study aims to identify the main reasons for forming a cooperation agreement in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and understand the role of…

Reduced to the max: firm performance and organizational ambidexterity research

Norman Meisinger, Manfred Moldaschl

For nearly three decades, numerous scholars have searched for a robust relationship between firm performance and organizational ambidexterity—so far with questionable…

Framework on strategic competence performance – a case study of a UK NHS organization

Chris Darling, Krishna Venkitachalam

Extant literature on strategic environment analysis confirm broad evidence of studies on competences in the context of private sector organizations. Nevertheless, there is…

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