Journal of Strategy and Management: Volume 12 Issue 2


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The effect of acquisitions on exploration and exploitation in China

Yulia Muratova, Damiana Rigamonti, Jesper N. Wulff

The mechanisms of knowledge acquisition and their impact on innovation are particularly relevant in the context of rapidly growing emerging markets. The purpose of this…

Knowledge stock and absorptive capacity of small firms: the moderating role of formalization

Sanjay Chaudhary

Despite the established significance of absorptive capacity, there is a worrying lack of research that empirically examines its antecedents. With a call for investigation…

India’s Super 50 companies and their mission statement: a multifold perspective

Neetu Yadav, Vineet Sehgal

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the content of mission statements of India’s Super 50 companies, selected from Forbes India magazine, on multiple aspects such as…

Pressures of CSR in India: an institutional perspective

Vijita S. Aggarwal, Aruna Jha

Wide differences in the focus and form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) exist among countries due to the different institutional embeddedness of CSR practices. The…


A matrix model towards CSR – moving from one size fit approach

Saju Jose, Krishna Venkitachalam

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) research is often dominated in a western context. Perhaps, with the rapid expansion of organisations in the context of emerging…

Conceptualising corporate entrepreneurial strategy: A contingency and agency collaborative approach

Sule Ishola Omotosho, Hod Anyigba

The purpose of this paper is to conceptualize corporate entrepreneurial strategy using collaborative dynamics of contingency and agency theories, and to demonstrate how…

Mediating effect of organizational learning and moderating role of environmental dynamism on the relationship between strategic change and firm performance

Haruna Isa Mohammad

With the materialization of literature on strategic change, it is clear that organizational learning and organizational dynamism have been among the most notable areas of…


Backcasting as a strategic management tool for meeting VUCA challenges

Kent Thorén, Martin Vendel

Backcasting helps managers involve and align the organization throughout a strategy process. Its core idea is creating a logical path from a depicted future back to the…

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