Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

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Cover of Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes
Volume 15
  • Issue 6 2023 Global Trends: Re-thinking tourism: Where is it going and how will it impact people and planet?
  • Issue 5 2023 Smart tourism: what developments and issues are important to the Baltic States?
  • Issue 4 2023 What is the impact of luxury yachting on the well-being of consumers and relevant stakeholders?
  • Issue 3 2023 How is hospitality education embedding sustainable practices in their curriculum and programme delivery? An Asian perspective
  • Issue 2 2023 What are the growth drivers and challenges for tourism in the Middle East?
  • Issue 1 2023 How could rural tourism provide better support for wellbeing and socio-economic development?
Volume 14
  • Issue 6 2022 What innovations would enable the tourism and hospitality industry to re-build?
  • Issue 5 2022 How could the Republic of Cyprus reduce the impact of seasonal tourism on long-term sustainable development?
  • Issue 4 2022 Transitioning from unsustainable to sustainable: What are the solutions for tourism industry stakeholders in North Cyprus?
  • Issue 3 2022 Work-Life Balance: How can quality of life provisions be integrated with the corporate social responsibility initiatives of hospitality firms?
  • Issue 2 2022 What are the prospects for the post-pandemic Caribbean cruise industry?
  • Issue 1 2022 Global Trends: Measuring tourism success: are we on the brink of a new paradigm?
Volume 13
  • Issue 6 2021 What are the challenges and opportunities for tourism sustainability in Cyprus?
  • Issue 5 2021 How are hospitality and tourism businesses in India responding to the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Issue 4 2021 How could tourism planners and policy makers overcome the barriers to sustainable tourism development in the small island developing state of North Cyprus?
  • Issue 3 2021 Tourism and hospitality post-disaster and crisis: How can global resilience be enhanced?
  • Issue 2 2021 How is the hospitality and tourism industry in India responding to the dynamic digital era?
  • Issue 1 2021 Tourism: how to achieve the sustainable development goals?
Volume 12
  • Issue 6 2020 Annual Global Trends: Has tourism the resources and answers to a more inclusive society?
  • Issue 5 2020 How can sustainability and the UN sustainable development goals be applied to hospitality?
  • Issue 4 2020 Tourism sustainability in natural, residential and mountain locations: What are the current issues and questions?
  • Issue 3 2020 How can Caribbean tourism be aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)?
  • Issue 2 2020 The way forward: How is Malaysian hospitality and tourism education working with industry?
  • Issue 1 2020 The fourth industrial revolution: What are the realities for maritime and tourism dependent countries?
Volume 11
  • Issue 6 2019 Leading the way for sustainable development: How is tourism strategy setting the scene for the future?
  • Issue 5 2019 What smart and sustainable strategies could be used to reduce the impact of overtourism?
  • Issue 4 2019 What should Indian tourism and hospitality managers focus on to stay competitive in the coming decade?
  • Issue 3 2019 Expo 2020: what will be the impact on Dubai?
  • Issue 2 2019 How does innovation help in tourism around the world?
  • Issue 1 2019 How can the skilling India initiative become a solution to the critical need for skilled labour in the Indian hospitality industry?
Volume 10
  • Issue 6 2018 Tourism in 2030: what challenges and opportunities will lead to success?
  • Issue 5 2018 What innovative strategies are needed to develop tourism in Guyana for 2025?
  • Issue 4 2018 Why is the Russian tourism and hospitality market becoming more diverse with new destinations?
  • Issue 3 2018 Can the culture of safety and quality in organizations be measured and changed?
  • Issue 2 2018 Tourism sustainability in the Alpine region: What are the major trends and challenges?
  • Issue 1 2018 Is talent management a strategic priority in the hospitality sector?
Volume 9
  • Issue 6 2017 How are companies and destinations “surfing the wave” of global tourism?
  • Issue 5 2017 What marketing strategy for destinations with a negative image?
  • Issue 4 2017 The hospitality and tourism industry in Canada: What are the main challenges and solutions?
  • Issue 3 2017 How can destinations effectively tackle rapid tourism growth? The experience of Macau
  • Issue 2 2017 Dark tourism - visitation, understanding and education; a reconciliation of theory and practice?
  • Issue 1 2017 Tourism and global logistics hub development in the Caribbean: will there be a symbiotic relationship?
Volume 8
  • Issue 6 2016 What global trends are challenging tourism organizations and destinations today?
  • Issue 5 2016 How can the tourism industry respond to the global challenges arising from climate change and environmental degradation?
  • Issue 4 2016 How is the need for innovation being addressed by the Indian hospitality industry?
  • Issue 3 2016 What are the main trends, challenges and success factors in the Russian hospitality and tourism market in the experience economy era?
  • Issue 2 2016 What are the issues facing human capital development in the hotel industry in Nigeria and how might they be addressed?
  • Issue 1 2016 Services management and the growing number of Asian travellers: what needs re-thinking?
Volume 7
  • Issue 5 2015 Benchmarking innovations and new practices in rural tourism development: How do we develop more sustainable and responsible rural tourism?
  • Issue 4 2015 How can fairs and festivals enhance the economic and cultural wellbeing of India?
  • Issue 3 2015 What is the current and future impact of social media on hospitality and tourism?
  • Issue 2 2015 Why and how should the international volunteer tourism experience be improved?
  • Issue 1 2015 What action can government take to improve food safety in a diverse and multi-cultural hospitality industry?
Volume 6
  • Issue 5 2014 Did the context of economic crisis affect the image of Portugal as a tourist destination? What were the answers and lessons learned?
  • Issue 4 2014 Expo 2020: how is Dubai's hospitality and tourism industry preparing?
  • Issue 3 2014 How might tourism contribute to poverty reduction in Latin American countries?
  • Issue 2 2014 Tourism in a transforming world economy and the impacts of the brave new world: how might developing nations achieve long-term sustainable development?
  • Issue 1 2014 How could hospitality and tourism firms implement business practices?
Volume 5
  • Issue 5 2013 How might post-war Sri Lanka develop inbound tourism?
  • Issue 4 2013 What are the emerging contemporary rural tourism innovations and how are they enhancing responsible tourism practices in Malaysia
  • Issue 3 2013 How can effective universityindustry partnerships be developed
  • Issue 2 2013 What innovations are needed in the Canadian hotel industry and how might they be implemented to secure the industry' future
  • Issue 1 2013 What are the influences on perception and image in hospitality and tourism and how might they be understood and managed
Volume 4
  • Issue 5 2012 What are the emerging strategic and financial issues in the Indian hospitality industry
  • Issue 4 2012 To what extent might sustainable tourism mitigate the impact of global warming
  • Issue 3 2012 What are the ingredients for success in bar food operations
  • Issue 2 2012 What are the challenges faced by the hospitality industry in India
  • Issue 1 2012 Tourism, crime and terrorism what are the risks, challenges and policy options
Volume 3
  • Issue 5 2011 Can evolving methods of food safety management provide global solutions for the food service sector
  • Issue 4 2011 What are the challenges of diversity management in the US hospitality industry
  • Issue 3 2011 Is there a need for sustainable management within the events industry
  • Issue 2 2011 How can the filminduced tourism phenomenon be sustainably managed
  • Issue 1 2011 To what extent can action learning enable Sandals Resorts International to sustain its position as the world's leading luxury allinclusive resort company
Volume 2
  • Issue 5 2010 How can the visitor experience be enhanced for spiritual and cultural tourism in India
  • Issue 4 2010 How can tourist destinations become more competitive what key tools can be used to achieve this aim
  • Issue 3 2010 How far do theme parks and attractions contribute to social and economic sustainability of destinations
  • Issue 2 2010 Does sustainable tourism offer solutions for the protection of the Amazon rainforest
  • Issue 1 2010 How has the use of technology in the US hospitality industry affected human resource practices and guest satisfaction levels in the industry
Volume 1
  • Issue 4 2009 How can casino gaming be used to maximize the benefits for tourism destinations
  • Issue 3 2009 What are the implications of climate change for the Caribbean travel and tourism industry
  • Issue 2 2009 What are the possible solutions to the problem of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Issue 1 2009 What contribution will hospitality and tourism make in securing sustainable economic growth in India



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