Leadership in Health Services: Volume 34 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Exploring types of leadership in the delivery of global health services: strategies and deliveries

Guest Editors: Randolph Quaye

Service on student-run free clinic executive board improves leadership skills of medical students in the underserved medical system

Spencer Lessans, Kristijan Bogdanovski, Katherine R. Porter, Katie Ballantyne, Magdalena Pasarica

As the need for effective physician leaders caring for underserved populations grows, it is important to initiate interventions for medical professionals early in their education…

Examining ethical leadership in health care organizations and its impacts on employee work attitudes: an empirical analysis from Austria

Arleta Anna Franczukowska, Eva Krczal, Christine Knapp, Martina Baumgartner

This study aims to examine the effects of ethical leadership on job satisfaction, affective commitment and burnout of health care employees, considering frustration tolerance and…


Using adaptive leadership principles to support Public Health 3.0 in multidisciplinary undergraduate education

Suzanne R. Hawley

The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered public health vulnerabilities worldwide, particularly in the hard-hit USA. US public health professionals, regardless of role, may need to…

Identifying distinctive traits of healthcare leaders in Israel: in-depth interviews with senior physicians – an exploratory study

Keren Dopelt, Baruch Levi, Nadav Davidovitch

This paper aims to examine the views of physicians in senior management positions regarding the distinctive characteristics and roles of leaders in the Israeli health-care system…

Leadership development facilitated by the “sandwich” and related glaucoma fellowship programs

Victoria Liu, Rita Whitford, Karim F. Damji

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate leadership training in the Sandwich Glaucoma Fellowship (SGF), a program in which fellows learn skills in a developed world institution…

A qualitative analysis of vertical leadership development amongst NHS health-care workers in low to middle income country settings

Ann-Marie Streeton, Fleur Kitsell, Nichola Gambles, Rose McCarthy

The improving global health (IGH) programme is a leadership development programme that aims to develop leadership skills and behaviours alongside quality improvement methodology…


“Hybrid” medical leadership emergency medicine training for international medical graduates

Prakash Subedi, Jill Aylott, Naushad Khan, Niki Shrestha, Dayaram Lamsal, Pamela Goff

The purpose of this paper is to outline the “Hybrid” “International” Emergency Medicine (HIEM) programme, which is an ethical pathway for the recruitment, employment and training…

Core competencies and challenges among nurses transitioning into positions of leadership – a Caribbean perspective

Oscar Noel Ocho, Erica Wheeler, Janet Rigby, Gail Tomblin Murphy

Nurses are a significant part of the professional workforce, but leaders may be promoted without the requisite competencies. This study aims to explore the perspectives of nurse…

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