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Effects of ethical leadership on bullying and voice behavior among nurses: Mediating role of organizational identification, poor working condition and workload

Talat Islam, Ishfaq Ahmed, Ghulam Ali

This study aims to investigate the effects of ethical leadership on employee’s bullying and voice behavior, considering poor working conditions, organizational identification and…


Brazilian nursing professionals: leadership to generate positive attitudes and behaviours

Claudia Affonso Silva Araujo, Kleber Fossati Figueiredo

This paper aims to identify the kind of work environment that should be offered by hospital leaders to their nursing staff in Brazil to generate job satisfaction, organizational…


The influence of change-oriented leadership on work performance and job satisfaction in hospitals – the mediating roles of learning demands and job involvement

Aslaug Mikkelsen, Espen Olsen

The purpose of this paper is to examine the mechanisms through which change-oriented leadership in hospitals influences job performance and employee job satisfaction. The authors…


Implementing quality improvement through knowledge brokering: a Dutch case study

Julia Quartz-Topp

Managerial quality improvement (QI) in terms of accountability management has become central to healthcare institutions. Yet, managerial QI is largely considered irrelevant by…

Existential leadership coaching in a medical partnership

Eric David Spencer, Ruth Albertyn

This paper aims to report on a case study conducted in a private medical partnership of more than 50 specialist physicians where the researcher applied a leadership coaching model…

Leader identity development in healthcare: an existential-phenomenological study

Anne Koskiniemi, Hanna Vakkala, Ville Pietiläinen

The purpose of this study is to take an existential-phenomenological perspective to understand and describe the experienced leader identity development of healthcare leaders…


Leadership set-up: wishful thinking or reality?

Bettina Ravnborg Thude, Egon Stenager, Christian von Plessen, Erik Hollnagel

The purpose of the study is to determine whether one leader set-up is better than the others according to interdisciplinary cooperation and leader legitimacy.

Successful implementation of self-managing teams

Wilke Weerheim, Lisa Van Rossum, Wouter Dirk Ten Have

Following health-care organisations, many mental health-care organisations nowadays consider starting to work with self-managing teams as their organisation structure. Although…


Developing an innovative business model for hospital services in Iran: a case study of Moheb Hospitals

Marjan Miremadi, Kamyar Goudarzi

This paper aims to focus on the role of hospital business models by examining the innovative business model of Moheb Hospitals, which have successfully achieved the goal of…

Servant leadership and job satisfaction within private healthcare practices

Shelley Maeva Farrington, Riyaadh Lillah

The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of servant leadership on job satisfaction within private healthcare practices.

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