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Table Of Contents: Volume 31 Issue 2

Extending the double jeopardy and duplication of purchase laws to the wine market

Damien Wilson, Maxwell Winchester

This study aims to understand the market structure and explore the applicability of recognised generalisations to a European wine retail market. The study considers…

Family culture and organisational systems as antecedents of market orientation and performance among family wineries

Christopher Karl Köhr, Armando Maria Corsi, Roberta Capitello, Gergely Szolnoki

This study aims to investigate the relationship between organizational systems, market orientation, family culture and the long-term business performance of family…

Drivers affecting the adoption and effectiveness of social media investments

Antonino Galati, Salvatore Tinervia, Antonio Tulone, Maria Crescimanno

The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to identify distinct organisational models in a sample of firms operating in the wine industry; and second, to identify the…

Champagne: the challenge of value co-creation through regional brands

Martin Kunc, David Menival, Steve Charters

The traditional view of the process of value creation suggests that it occurs inside the firm through its activities or resources. However, there are special cases where…

Tasting organic: the influence of taste and quality perception on the willingness to pay for organic wine

Birgit Gassler, Carina Fronzeck, Achim Spiller

The mechanism by which organic labelling affects consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) for wine is not yet fully understood. Organic labelling not only transports…

Online branding strategy for wine tourism competitiveness

Paola Scorrano, Monica Fait, Amedeo Maizza, Demetris Vrontis

The link between wine and tourism is increasingly important for the competitive advantage of the territory and its productions, and it must be adequately communicated, in…

Third-party ratings and the US wine market

Barry J. Babin, Christian Bushardt

This paper aims to provide insight into the three most prevalent expert wine rater sources and how they separately affect retail prices post-release across a sample of…

Grapes grow better in the backyard

Valentina La Porta, Matteo Migheli

This paper aims to study the effects of innovation on the profitability of large wineries. In particular, organic growth is evaluated versus external growth.



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