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Table Of Contents: Volume 31 Issue 1

Hospitality situations, consumer expertise, and perceptions of wine attributes: three empirical studies

Dale F. Duhan, Shannon B. Rinaldo, Natalia Velikova, Tim Dodd, Brent Trela

Wine choices are not always fully understood by academic researchers or the industry. This paper aims to outline and test a theoretical model proposing that wine…

Wine involvement interaction with dining group dynamics, group composition and consumption behavioural aspects in USA restaurants

Johan Bruwer, Justin Cohen, Kathleen Kelley

The importance of the wine involvement construct in explaining consumers’ wine consumption behaviour is widely acknowledged in the literature, as is the social nature of…

Customer-centric offer design

Marc Dressler, Ivan Paunovic

The purpose of this study is to provide insight into characteristics of visitor demand for a regionally oriented vinotheque (wine bar and shop) at a UNESCO world heritage…

Small winery-restaurant relationship building: challenges and opportunities

Natalia Velikova, Bonnie Canziani, Helena Williams

Wine is an important profit center for restaurants. The purpose of this paper is to address some of the challenges and opportunities at the nexus of wine and hospitality…

Consumer personality, attitudes and preferences in out-of-home contexts

Roberta Capitello, Claudia Bazzani, Diego Begalli

This study aims to focus on consumers’ preferences towards rosé wine and explore whether and how the consumption context may influence consumers’ choices.

Wine attractions at hotels: study of online reviews

Yu-Chin Jerrie Hsieh, Zui Chih Lee, Ping Yin

The purpose of this study is to delineate the role of wine at hotels from the customer’s perspective by analyzing New York City hotel reviews posted on TripAdvisor.

Increasing wine sales through customised wine service training – a quasi-experiment

Arthur Donald Brain

The selling of wines is usually performed by a sommelier in the context of an upmarket restaurant. However, many restaurants cannot afford to employ a sommelier and must…



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