International Journal of Wine Business Research



Table Of Contents: Volume 28 Issue 1

Productivity growth in the winery sector: evidence from Italy and Spain

Ricardo Sellers-Rubio, Veronica Alampi Sottini, Silvio Menghini

– The purpose of this paper is to estimate total productivity change in the winery sector, decomposing it into efficiency change and technical change.

Wine experts’ rating: a matter of taste?

Jean-Marie Cardebat, Florine Livat

Given the lack of consensus among wine experts, this paper aims to examine whether this implies they make systematic mistakes or is an expression of their idiosyncratic…

Positioning fast moving luxury goods in a discount environment

David Priilaid

This paper aims to understand how a fast moving luxury good like whisky is typically positioned within South Africa’s discounted retail environment and how this…

Strategic winery reputation management – exploring German wine guides

Marc Dressler

Positioning via quality is key for German wineries. The aim of the study was to explore reputational variables (collective and firm reputation) the study as well as limits…

What characterises luxury products? A study across three product categories

Therese Sjostrom, Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin

This study aims to test whether the attributes developed via qualitative or conceptual approaches link to the concept of luxury when measured using a quantitative…



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