International Journal of Wine Business Research



Table Of Contents: Volume 27 Issue 4

Governance of procurement relationships in the wine industry

Mark M.J. Wilson, Ian A. MacDonald, Monnane M. Monnane

The purpose of this study is to examine three governance structures (market, contract and vertical integration) that are commonly used to coordinate procurement…

Variety seeking by wine consumers in the southern states of the US

Janeen E. Olsen, Tom Atkin, Liz Thach, Steve S. Cuellar

The purpose of this study is to investigate variety-seeking behavior among US wine consumers to determine if there are differences in their personal characteristics…

Seriously pink: a cross-cultural examination of the perceived image of rosé wine

Natalia Velikova, Steve Charters, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Joanna Fountain, Caroline Ritchie, Tim H. Dodd

– This paper aims to examine consumer preferences and perceptions of rosé wine with an ultimate purpose of constructing a perceived image of rosé in the cross-cultural context.

Consumer attitude towards sustainable-labelled wine: an exploratory approach

Giovanni Sogari, Chiara Corbo, Martina Macconi, Davide Menozzi, Cristina Mora

This paper aims to investigate, using an exploratory approach, how environmental values and beliefs about sustainable labelling shape consumer attitude towards sustainable…



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