International Journal of Wine Business Research



Table Of Contents: Volume 26 Issue 2

Country-of-origin (COO) brand loyalty and related consumer behaviour in the Japanese wine market

Johan Bruwer, Courtney Buller, Anthony John Saliba, Elton Li

– The purpose of this study was to examine the loyalty of Japanese consumers to country-of-origin (COO) wine brands and how this affects purchasing behaviour.

Region-of-origin (ROO) certification as marketing strategy in the South African wine market

Josias A. Engelbrecht, Frikkie Herbst, Johan Bruwer

This purpose of the study was to examine the relevance of the presence of geographical information, specifically the certification of region of origin (ROO) on the wine…

Using social media in the wine business

Gergely Szolnoki, Dimitri Taits, Moritz Nagel, Alessio Fortunato

This paper aims to conduct two studies to investigate the use of social media tools by wineries in Germany and assess the impact of Facebook membership on customers by…

Agritourism consumers’ participation in wine tasting events

Ramu Govindasamy, Kathleen Kelley

The purpose of this study is to determine the likelihood of a USA Mid-Atlantic region consumers’ willingness to partake in a wine tasting event, an example of an…



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