International Journal of Wine Business Research



Table Of Contents: Volume 25 Issue 4

Motivations of wine travelers in rural Northeast Iowa

Oksana Grybovych, Jill Lankford, Samuel Lankford

The purpose of this exploratory consumer research study was to examine demographic and behavioral characteristics and motivations of wine travelers on the recently…

The dimensions of authenticity in terroir products

Nathalie Spielmann, Stephen Charters

This article aims to empirically test the terroir concept and tackles the issues of origin, typicity and legality. Whilst this has previously been examined at a…

Grape grower and winery relationships: a segmentation approach

Simon Somogyi

This paper aims to discuss a study that investigated the relationship between grape growers and wineries in Australia. The results of the study led to the formulation of…

Cluster resources and competitive advantage

Jaime Evaldo Fensterseifer, Jean-Louis Rastoin

This paper aims to analyse the potential contribution of cluster-generated resources to the competitive advantage of firms located in it and proposes a typology for wine…



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