International Journal of Wine Business Research



Table Of Contents: Volume 22 Issue 3

Wine producers' strategic response to a crisis situation

Franck Duquesnois, Cãlin Gurãu, Frédéric Le Roy

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the competitive strategies adopted by French wine producing firms in a crisis context.

Strategic operations and concentration in the Bordeaux‐Aquitaine region

Jacques‐Olivier Pesme, Marie‐Claude Belis‐Bergouignan, Nathalie Corade

Working from the example of two of the main players in the Aquitaine wine sector; the co‐operatives and the wine merchants, the aim of this paper is to analyse the nature…

Cue incongruity in wine personality formation and purchasing

Louise A. Heslop, David Cray, Anahit Armenakyan

The purpose of this paper is to examine the direct and interaction effects of brand name (BN) of wine and country‐of‐origin (COO) on perceptions of the personality image…

Big bets, small wins? Entrepreneurial behavior and ROI

Armand Gilinsky, Raymond H. Lopez, Cristina Santini, Robert Eyler

Researchers into entrepreneurial strategy have overlooked the impact of small vs big investments on a venture's return on investment (ROI). The purpose of this paper is to…

The financial value of corporations in a cobweb economy

Francis Declerck, L. Martin Cloutier

The purpose of this paper is to present a model and simulation results for the corporate financial value of an industry in a cobweb economy. Production‐consumption cycles…

Weather derivatives in the wine industry

Claudio Zara

The wine industry is very sensitive to climate risk, mainly due to the grape crop. The aim of this paper is to understand whether weather derivatives (WDs), mainly…



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