International Journal of Wine Business Research



Table Of Contents: Volume 22 Issue 2

Grapeview wines

Monica Draayer, Mark Julien

The purpose of this paper is to examine the challenges faced by a small Canadian winery in retaining its winemaker.

The demand for wine in the USA

Steven S. Cuellar, Tim Colgan, Heather Hunnicutt, Gabriel Ransom

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the demand for wine and provide insight into the behavior of USA wine consumers.

Enterprise diversity in the business of wine: what is a business case study?

Maureen Benson‐Rea, Victoria Little, Yvon Dufour

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the special issue of case studies in the enterprise diversity of wine business and to situate the wine business cases selected…

Organic wine production: the case of Bodega Colomé in Argentina

Silvia Novaes Zilber, Daniel Friel, Luis Felipe Machado do Nascimento

The purpose of this paper is to be a teaching case about organic wine in Argentina, in a sustainable perspective, showing the advantages that this country has related to…

Building a good solid family wine business: Casella Wines

Yvon Dufour, Peter Steane

From humble beginnings, Casella Wines has become Australia's greatest wine producer. The purpose of this paper is to describe how the company has become so successful.

Wine supply chain breaks: New Zealand wines from Cottesbrook, Canterbury

Rupert Tipples

The purpose of this paper is to explore the fragile link between a medium sized New Zealand wine business and a major overseas supermarket chain, and how a smaller…

Winery visitation sets

Karin Alant, Johan Bruwer

The purpose of this paper is to discern the intra‐regional visitation patterns of wine tourists. Exploratory research was conducted in two branded wine regions, to…

Buying wine on promotion is trading‐up in UK supermarkets

Caroline Ritchie, Gary Elliott, Mike Flynn

Most wine in the UK is sold in supermarkets and most of this on promotion. This holds down average bottle price squeezing profit margins when wine is sold below‐the‐line…



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