International Journal of Wine Business Research: Volume 22 Issue 1


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From co‐operation to competition: market transformation among elite Napa Valley wine producers

Ian M. Taplin

The purpose of this paper is to argue that cooperative behavior by key actors is often crucial for collective organizational learning to occur and new markets to become…


Enhancing long‐term grape grower/winery relationships in the Australian wine industry

Simon Somogyi, Amos Gyau, Elton Li, Johan Bruwer

There are many factors which may influence the ability of wineries to build and maintain long‐term relationships (LTR) with their suppliers of grapes. The aim of this…


Appellation as an indicator of quality

Thomas Atkin, Ray Johnson

The purpose of this paper is to examine the consumer use of geographical information in the wine purchase decision. Consumers often rely upon the place of origin of a wine…


Wine sales in British public houses

John D. Pratten, Jean‐Baptiste Carlier

The purpose of this paper is to examine the changes in wine consumption in UK public houses, and to consider if the sector is maximising its sales opportunities.


Evaluating the economic performance of Spanish wineries

Ricardo Sellers‐Rubio

The purpose of this paper is to compare different approaches to the evaluation of the economic performance of wineries.

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