Social Enterprise Journal: Volume 9 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Where next for Fair Trade?

Guest Editors: Bob Doherty, Benjamin Huybrechts

Connecting producers and consumers through fair and sustainable value chains

Bob Doherty, Benjamin Huybrechts

This paper seeks to pinpoint the role played by social enterprises in the growth and mainstreaming of fair trade.


Fair trade and European public procurement: legal principles and governance dynamics

Eleanor Fisher, Sergi Corbalán

Purpose– The article aims to examine principles of fair trade in public procurement in Europe, focusing on legal dimensions related to the European Public Procurement…


Fair trade narratives and political dynamics

Anne Tallontire, Valerie Nelson

The recent departure of Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) from Fairtrade International is the most seismic event in the fair trade movement in the past decade. This paper aims to…


What does it mean to do fair trade?: Ontology, praxis, and the “Fair for Life” certification system

Alastair Michael Smith

The purpose of the article is to move beyond positivistic political economy analysis of fair trade, and to examine competitive dynamics between competing interpretations…


Fairtrade governance and producer voices: stronger or silent?

Shannon Sutton

While recent changes to Fairtrade's governance structures aim to facilitate “stronger voices” for producers, relatively little is known about the impact on individual…

From trust to compliance: accountability in the fair trade movement

Eileen Davenport, William Low

There is a growing academic literature exploring the fair trade movement but, to date, there has been little explicit discussion of accountability within the movement…


Assessing the gender impacts of Fairtrade

Sally Smith

The purpose of the paper is to summarise the research evidence related to Fairtrade impacts on women and gender relations and propose a conceptual framework for future…

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