Social Enterprise Journal: Volume 13 Issue 02


Table of contents - Special Issue: Social Enterprise as Lived and Practiced: The Methodological Potential of Ethnography

Guest Editors: Stefanie Mauksch, Mike Rowe, Simon Teasdale

Ethnographies of social enterprise

Stefanie Mauksch, Pascal Dey, Mike Rowe, Simon Teasdale

As a critical and intimate form of inquiry, ethnography remains close to lived realities and equips scholars with a unique methodological angle on social phenomena. This…


Researcher subjectivity in social entrepreneurship ethnographies: The entanglement of stories in a co-working cooperative for social innovation

Eeva Houtbeckers

The purpose of this paper is to discuss researcher subjectivity in social entrepreneurship ethnographies. Previous research has highlighted a need for alternatives to the…


Entrepreneurial activity in community health promotion organisations: Findings from an ethnographic study

Magdalena Zasada

This paper aims to examine the suitability of a social enterprise model for community health promotion organisations working in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. It focuses on…

Where have all the radicals gone?: How normative pressures can blunt the radical edge of a social enterprise

Peter Francis Wheeler

This paper aims to track the operations of a radical social enterprise, “New Horizon”, which attempted to provide a different approach to improve the independent living…

Working with and for social enterprises: the role of the volunteer ethnographer

Clementine Hill O’Connor, Rachel Baker

This paper considers the specific opportunities and challenges of engaging in ethnographic research with organisations in which the researcher participates as a volunteer…


From cooperative practice to research and back: Learning from the emotional experience of ethnography with two social enterprises

Kiri Langmead

This paper aims to explore how experiences and emotions arising from the performance of ethnography shape the construction of knowledge about democratic practice in two…

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