International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research: Volume 10 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Service innovation and experiences in tourism – novel methods and insights

Guest Editors: Mike Peters, Andreas Kallmuenzer

Innovation and service experiences in small tourism family firms

Birgit Pikkemaat, Anita Zehrer

This paper aims to explore the pertinent issues of innovation and service experiences in family firms in the tourism industry, which are mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises.


Room with a view: how hedonic and utilitarian choice options of online travel agencies affect consumers’ booking intentions

Ursula Scholl-Grissemann, Benedikt Schnurr

The purpose of this study is to investigate how hedonic and utilitarian choice options of online travel agencies (OTAs) affect consumers’ process enjoyment and booking intentions.


Exploring the value co-creation process on guided tours (the ‘AIM-model’) and the experience-centric management approach

Anita Zátori

The purpose of the paper was to explore the influence of the experience-centric approach and the concept of co-creation on service design and provision and to analyze the…


Measuring dimensions of brand influence for tourism products and places

Statia Elliot, Anahita Khazaei, Luc Durand

The purpose of this paper is to identify brand dimensions of tourism products and places that most influence the perspective of potential travelers.


The role of message strategies in promoting eco-friendly accommodations

Johanna Zanon, Karin Teichmann

This paper aims to examine how different levels of message appeals, message sources and social norms influence the purchase (i.e. booking) intention of eco-accommodations.


Being a guest – perspectives of an extended hospitality approach

Harald Pechlaner, Christian Nordhorn, Xenia Poppe

This paper aims to deduce and present an extended hospitality approach. In developed countries, hospitality is increasingly linked to tourism; in times of migration and…


Promoting service excellence for tourist destinations

Marit Gundersen Engeset, John S. Hull, Jan Velvin

This paper aims to understand the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction and its impacts on the long-term sustainability of Hemsedal Ski…


Does managerial efficiency relate to customer satisfaction? The case of Parisian boutique hotels

Mustafeed Zaman, Laurent Botti, Tan Vo Thanh

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the managerial efficiency and the customer satisfaction of Parisian boutique hotels by using the…




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