International Journal of Leadership in Public Services: Volume 4 Issue 3


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Leadership in a Paradoxical Public‐sector Environment: The Challenges of Ambiguity

Smita Tripathi, John Dixon

At the heart of any public‐sector reform discourse are the conflicting contentions about what constitutes good public leadership. The battles fought ‐ and to be fought ‐ over…


Strategic Management for Public Services Delivery

Jan‐Erik Lane

After the many years of public‐sector reforms in advanced capitalist democracies, a concept of strategic management for the delivery of public services would be highly relevant…


The Strategic, Enabling State: A Case Study of the UK, 1997‐2007

Paul Joyce

While several countries have introduced strategic planning and management into the work of government and the civil service, there has been some international interest in the…

Ensuring the Capacity to Deliver ‐ New Labour and the Public Service Agreement Framework, 1997‐2007

Felicity Matthews

Since 1997, the Labour Government sought to respond to the dilemmas and consequences of the earlier New Public Management reforms, according to the two principles of joined‐up…

Public Service Law: Individual Performance Appraisals and Target‐setting Processes

Veith Mehde

In the German Civil Service, a system of performance appraisals has played a pivotal role with regard to promotion. Therefore, individual appraisals have frequently been objects…


Advocacy as Social Leadership

Michael Kendrick

The International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) has a parallel branch that has a focus on issues for leaders in the disability sector (the International…




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