International Journal of Leadership in Public Services: Volume 2 Issue 2


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Leadership Against Demand

John Seddon

This article focuses on leadership as a job: what challenges leaders actually face and what they need to do to meet them. It argues that leaders of organisations in the public…


It Must be so Different from Being in the NHS’: Working as Director of Oxfam

Barbara Stocking

Barbara Stocking relays her experience as Director of Oxfam and draws parallels, themes and differences with her time working for the NHS and the civil service.

Leadership Development: Applying New Learning in an Organisational Context

Edgar Meyer, Con Connell, Debra Humphris

This paper presents findings from a qualitative study evaluating the impact of a leadership development intervention. The evaluation was designed to look beyond individual…

What Does an Interim Chief Executive Actually do?

Jan Didrichsen

Jan Didrichsen draws on his own experience to explain the role of an interim chief executive.

An Inspiration for our Time: Mary Parker Follett (1868‐1933)

Su Maddock, Marion Macalpine

Mary Parker Follett was an outstanding public intellectual of her day, both in the US and the UK. We have a lot to learn from her about the ‘democratic deficit’, leadership…


The ‘Corruption Ceiling’: Some Evolving Hypotheses About Gender, Leadership and Engagement in the Public Sector

Vega Roberts

The ‘corruption ceiling’ refers in the first instance to a gender dynamic in public sector organisations whereby women may locate corruption at more senior levels, which then…

Yellow Submarines and Ailing Frogs ‐ Coping With the Current Changes in the NHS

Alastair Mitchell‐Baker

This paper uses Alistair Mant's colourful systems metaphor of the frog and the bicycle to explore the current changes in the NHS. Considering the implications of these system…



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