Young Consumers



Table Of Contents: Volume 10 Issue 4 - Special Issue: Qualitative‐interpretive research

Knowing the child consumer: historical and conceptual insights on qualitative children's consumer research

Daniel Thomas Cook

The purpose of this paper is to offer a selective and necessarily truncated history of the place and use of qualitative approaches in the study of children's consumption…

“As soon as you get on Bebo you just go mad”: young consumers and the discursive construction of teenagers online

Rebekah Willett

The purpose of this paper is to analyse how young people as consumers are using one particular social networking site (Bebo), and how these young consumers are engaging…

Ambiguities and paradoxes in children's talk about marketing breakfast cereals with toys

Anna Sparrman

The purpose of this paper is to understand, from children's perspectives, the commercial marketing strategy of selling breakfast cereals with “insert toys” targeted at children.

“The Coke side of life” – an exploration of pre‐schoolers' constructions of product and selves through talk‐in‐interaction around Coca‐Cola

Olivia Freeman

The purpose of this paper is to propose the activity‐based focus group as a useful method with which to generate talk‐in‐interaction among pre‐schoolers. Analytically, it…

What makes me cool? Estonian tweens' interpretative repertoires

Margit Keller, Veronika Kalmus

The purpose of this paper is to reveal how “cool” as a concept is constructed by urban tweens in the post‐socialist country Estonia.



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