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Explaining the environmentally-sustainable consumer behavior: a social capital perspective

Marigold G. Castaneda, Carmelita P. Martinez, Rodilina Marte, Banjo Roxas

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of social capital within a community on the adoption of consumer eco-behaviour or environmentally sustainable behaviour…


Impression management tactics in sustainability reporting

Maria Sandberg, Maria Holmlund

The study aims to analyzes how companies present their actions to give the impression that they are sustainable actors. It identifies the organizational impression…


Corporate social responsibility and its impact in consumer decision-making

Paula Rodrigues, Ana Pinto Borges

This study aims to explore the relationship between the consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the buying behaviour in the brand clothing Salsa


ISO 26000 in the assessment of CSR communication quality: CEO letters and social media in the global pulp and paper industry

Anne Toppinen, Vasylysa Hänninen, Katja Lähtinen

The purpose of this paper is to examine the content and determinants of voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures within chief executive officer (CEO…


The relationship between employee orientation, financial performance and leverage

Sabrina Wieland, Benjamin Scott Flavel

– The purpose of this study was to provide an empirical investigation into the relationship between employee orientation and both financial performance and leverage.


Women as a stakeholder: a qualitative study in Turkey

Ilke Oruc

– This study aims to determine the efforts in the topic of women in the direction of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as one of the stakeholders of the companies.

Corporate social responsibility practice and corporate financial performance: evidence from Nigeria companies

Aliyu Baba Usman, Noor Afza Binti Amran

The purpose of this paper is to describe the nature and trend of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in Nigeria. The second objective of this paper is to…


The challenge of balanced policy and law for socially responsible water storage management

Joanne Tingey-Holyoak, John D. Pisaniello

The purpose of this study is to investigate what represents “balanced” policy. Drought conditions create pressures on farmers to store excessive water unfairly, creating…

Stakeholder mapping of CSR in Switzerland

Stéphanie Looser, Walter Wehrmeyer

This paper aims to investigate, using stakeholder map methodology, showing power, urgency, legitimacy and concerns of different actors, the current state of corporate…


The effect of award on CSR disclosures in annual reports of Malaysian PLCs

Abdirahman Anas, Hafiz Majdi Abdul Rashid, Hairul Azlan Annuar

The paper aims to examine the determinants of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures in the annual reports of Malaysian public listed companies (PLCs). In 2006…


Is fast fashion sustainable? The effect of positioning strategies on consumers’ attitudes and purchase intentions

Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang, Tun-Min (Catherine) Jai

The purpose of this study is to examine the strategies that fast fashion retailers use to position sustainability by applying the stimulus-organism-response model…


CSR practices in Sri Lanka: an exploratory analysis

Susith Fernando, Stewart Lawrence, Martine Kelly, Murugesh Arunachalam

This study aims to provide an understanding of the nature of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in a developing country, Sri Lanka. Specifically, it explores…


The association between corporate social responsibility index and performance of firms in industrial products and resources industries: empirical evidence from Thailand

Benjamas Janamrung, Panya Issarawornrawanich

This study aims to focus on the industrial products and resources industries due to the environmental impacts caused by both industries. To convince both industries to…


Environmental disclosure quality: examining the impact of the stock exchange of Malaysia’s listing requirements

A.H. Fatima, Norhayati Abdullah, Maliah Sulaiman

The purpose of this study is to investigate the environmental disclosure (ED) quality of public-listed companies (PLCs) in environmentally sensitive industries (ESI) in…


Corporate social reporting in Libya: a research note

Mahmoud Elmogla, Christopher J. Cowton, Yvonne Downs

This purpose of this paper is to add strength and depth to the few other studies that take Libya as a point of departure to understanding the dynamic between disclosure…

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