International Journal of Emerging Markets: Volume 3 Issue 1


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The dynamics of capital structure and heterogeneous systematic risk classes in Egypt

Tarek I. Eldomiaty, Mohamed H. Azim

The purpose of this paper is to examine firms' strategies to change long‐ and short‐term debt financing in Egypt. It aims to examine a list of capital structure…


Testing weak‐form efficiency in the Bahrain stock market

Batool Asiri

This study seeks to measure the behaviour of stock prices in the Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE), which is expected to follow a random walk. The aim of the study is to…


Oil demand in China: an econometric approach

Jens Hölscher, Ray Bachan, Andrew Stimpson

This study intends to explore the determinants of Chinese oil demand and to build a short‐ and long‐run model.


Facing the challenges of expansion in the European Union: A review and evaluation of the Polish UHT milk market

Fang Wang, Wojciech Kozlowski, Ming Ouyang

The purpose of this paper is to examine challenges and opportunities that occurred in the Polish ultra‐high temperature (UHT) milk market after Poland entered the European Union.

Tackling opposition to implementing fiscal reform in developing countries: The case of the infrastructure and natural resources sectors

Georg Caspary

This paper seeks to examine ways in which political opposition to market‐oriented reforms in emerging markets can be challenged.


Born foreign firms in Cambodia: Exploration of mode of entry decisions of firms originating from the greater Mekong sub‐region

Scott Hipsher

The purpose of this paper is to explore the mode of entry decisions of firms owned by individuals from a developing country, Thailand, when establishing business…

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