International Journal of Emerging Markets: Volume 2 Issue 1


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Iraq: emergence of a new nation from the ashes

Mehdi Hafedh, Ibrahim Akoum, Imad J. Zbib, Zafar U. Ahmed

To shed light on the political economy aspect of post‐conflict reconstruction in Iraq and illustrate how bad governance and economic mismanagement has devastated a country…

Empirical examination of diversification strategies in business groups: Evidence from emerging markets

Anurag Mishra, M. Akbar

To examine the influence of direction of related and unrelated diversification on business groups' performance in emerging markets.


Digital B2B interactions in Romania: An exploratory study of the level of satisfaction of client organisations

Călin Gurău

The development of new information technology and telecommunication (ITT) devices has increased the complexity of business‐to‐business (B2B) interactions, forcing the…


Successful social entrepreneurial business models in the context of developing economies: An explorative study

Johanna Mair, Oliver Schoen

Social entrepreneurial organizations have gained in awareness and interest among researchers, yet we know relatively little about how these organizations are able to…


Is performance management applicable in developing countries?: The case of a Tanzanian college

André A. de Waal

To test whether performance management is a useful management tool for organisations in developing countries.


Ethics in an unethical environment or absence of ethics?

Yuliya V. Ivanova

The purpose of this paper is to place students in the reality of business in an emergency environment and encourage them to go “out of the box” in analyses of ethical issues.

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