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External factors of new media tools' usage in personal communication across countries

Małgorzata Bartosik-Purgat

The key purposes of the paper are: firstly, to identify what kind of new media tools are used by managers in communication with foreign business partners for professional…

Firm collaborative capability and new product development performance: the mediating role of heterogeneous knowledge acquisition

Feng Zhang, Lei Zhu

From the dynamic capability perspective, the aim of this paper is to develop a conceptual framework for collaborative capability, including scanning, relational skills and…

R&D by US multinationals in China: geography and patterns of co-invention

Irina Ervits

This paper addresses the geographical dimension of cross-border knowledge integration, expressed as the co-invention of patent filings and investigates the siting of…

Forecasting extreme risk using regime-switching GARCH models: a case from an energy commodity

Yang Xiao

The purpose of this paper is to investigate regime-switching and single-regime GARCH models for the extreme risk forecast of the developed and the emerging crude oil markets.

You reap what you sow: knowledge hiding, territorial and idea implementation

Xianmiao Li, William X. Wei, Weiwei Huo, Yi Huang, Manyi Zheng, Jinyi Yan

This study aims to build a research model from the perspectives of knowledge hiding and idea implementation to examine what factors influence idea implementation and the…

Female directors and agency costs: evidence from Chinese listed firms

Qurat Ul Ain, Xianghui Yuan, Hafiz Mustansar Javaid, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Haris

The purpose of this research is to examine whether board gender diversity reduces the agency costs of firms in the context of Chinese listed firms.


Sustainable development of micro firms: examining the effects of cooperation on handicraft firm's performance through innovation capability

Mohsin Shafi

Despite their economic and cultural significance, the growth of handicraft micro firms is vulnerable, given their small size and resource limitations. By examining the…

Developing innovation capabilities for upgrading in global value chains: evidence from China

Jingqin Su, Huanhuan Ma, Shuai Zhang

In the face of fierce international competition for those participating in global value chains (GVCs), upgrading has been a central concern of emerging market firms (EMFs…

International reserves: self-insurance and monetary policy in crisis

Antonio Francisco de Almeida da Silva Junior

This work presents a model of a two-period economy to discuss the link between the precautionary motivation for holding international reserves and the country's monetary…

Public investment and private sector performance in Nigeria

Opeoluwa Adeniyi Adeosun, Monica Adele Orisadare, Fisayo Fagbemi, Sikiru Adetona Adedokun

This study explores the asymmetric linkage between public investment and private sector performance in Nigeria. This is due to the presence of nonlinear structures in the…

Supply chain integration and its impact on supply chain agility and organizational flexibility in manufacturing firms

Ahmad Azwan Ahmad Shukor, Md. Shah Newaz, Muhammad Khalilur Rahman, Azni Zarina Taha

This study investigates the impact of environmental uncertainty and organizational ambidexterity on supply chain integration and its relationship between supply chain…


Relational flexibility norms and relationship-building capabilities as a mediating mechanism in export performance: insights from exporting SMEs in an emerging economy, Peru

Oscar Malca, Jean Pierre Bolaños, Francisco J. Acedo, Jorge Luis Rubio Donet, Jesus Peña-Vinces

The purpose of this study is to analyse the mediating and moderating effects of relational flexibility norms on relationship building capacities and export performance.

Does information disclosure reduce stock price volatility? A comparison of Islamic and conventional banks in Gulf countries

Tawfik Azrak, Buerhan Saiti, Ali Kutan, Engku Rabiah Adawiah Engku Ali

The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether higher disclosure levels at both Islamic and conventional banks are associated with higher stock price volatility in…

Social capital and organizational ambidexterity: the moderating effect of absorptive capacity

Younggeun Lee, Andres Felipe Cortes, Yiming Zhuang, Pol Herrmann

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of social capital on organizational ambidexterity in the context of emerging economies. Moreover, this paper aims to…

The performance of export manufacturing firms: roles of international entrepreneurial capability and international opportunity recognition

Md Imtiaz Mostafiz, Murali Sambasivan, See Kwong Goh

The international entrepreneurial capability has achieved its legitimacy in international business literature. Leveraging capabilities to recognise opportunities is…

EMNC technological competence creation: key mechanisms and innovative performance

Feng Zhang

Considerable attention has been paid to the motives and process of idiosyncratic internationalization trajectory of Multinational Corporations from emerging economies…

Exchange rate effect on money demand in Pakistan

Iffat Zehra, Muhammad Kashif, Imran Umer Chhapra

This paper aims to examine association of money demand with key macroeconomic variables in Pakistan. The paper also investigates the asymmetric effect of real effective…

Reopening the debate on the relationship among remittances, household consumption stability and economic growth in emerging markets

Dimitar Eftimoski, Dushko Josheski

The impact of remittances on household consumption stability and economic growth is not quite clear. This paper attempts to reopen the debate on the relationship among…

MNEs from emerging markets: a review of the current literature through “bibliographic coupling” and social network analysis

Francisco García-Lillo, Enrique Claver, Bartolomé Marco-Lajara, Pedro Seva-Larrosa, Lorena Ruiz-Fernández

In recent years, author and document citation and co-citation analyses have often been applied to map the “intellectual structure” of different scientific fields…

The force of globalization reshaping the local institutions: evidence from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member countries

Nahla Samargandi, Kazi Sohag, Ali Kutan, Maha Alandejani

The authors reinforce the existing literature on the effect of overall globalization on institutional quality (IQ), while incorporating the effects of economic, political…

Does the legal origin affect corporate cash holding?

Ranjan Das Gupta, Rajesh Pathak

The study examines the role of a country's legal system in predicting the corporate cash holdings using a sample of 18 countries inherited with distinct legal traditions…

Executives' pay–performance link in China: evidence from independent and gender-diverse compensation committees

Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Abubakkar Siddique, Muhammad Abdul Majid Makki, Ammar Ali Gull, Ali Dardour, Junming Yin

In this paper, the authors investigate whether an independent and gender-diverse compensation committee strengthens the relationship between top managers' pay and firm…

Where is Saudi Arabia's economy heading?

Pierre Rostan, Alexandra Rostan

The purpose of the paper is to forecast economic indicators of the Saudi economy in the context of low oil prices which have taken a toll on the Saudi oil-dependent…

Investor protection and market reaction to unusual market activity replies

Chun-Teck Lye, Tuan-Hock Ng, Kwee-Pheng Lim, Chin-Yee Gan

This study uses the unique setting of unusual market activity (UMA) replies to examine the market reaction and the effects of disclosure and investor protection amid…

Foreign currency derivative usage and firm value in Bangladesh: comparative analysis between exporters and non-exporters under exchange rate movements

Sunghee Choi, Md. Abdus Salam, Youngshin Kim

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of foreign currency derivative (FCD) usage on firm value. In specific, the authors study the significance of the…

SMEs and their bank choices: trust-related factors or economic calculations?

Krzysztof Jackowicz, Łukasz Kozłowski, Adrian Strucinski

The authors investigate the factors affecting the decision of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to do business with either small local banks or large commercial banks.

Capital sudden stop, savings rate difference and economic growth: evidence based on 49 emerging economies

Yu Ma, Jun Shi, Qiang Ji

This paper empirically tests the impact of capital sudden stops on the economic growth using quarterly data from 49 emerging economies.

Does the origin matter? The effects of cross-border mergers and acquisitions in France

Federico Carril-Caccia

The present article analyses the effects of cross-border mergers and acquisitions (CBM&As) on targets' total factor productivity (TFP), employment, wages and…

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