International Journal of Emerging Markets: Volume 15 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Global value chains, international trade, and markets: the role of emerging economies

Guest Editors: Anshu Saxena Arora, Nicole Hartley

The role of multinational enterprises in global valuation

Tamir Agmon

The research proposition of this paper is that multinational enterprises (MNEs) were important in the process of growth and divergence that took place in the world in the…

Managing formal institutional challenges when entering Cuba: A multinational corporation perspective

Daniel Rottig, Sebastian Muscarella, Rui Torres de Oliveira

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the formal political, legal and economic institutional legitimacy challenges for (US-based) multinational corporations (MNCs…

A complex systems model for transformative supply chains in emerging markets

Ruth Yeoman, Milena Mueller Santos

Corporations operating global value chains must grapple with a multiplicity of ethical and practical considerations, most notably when value chains extend to emerging…

Global value chains in the MedTech industry: A comparison of Switzerland and the Czech Republic

Jana Vlckova, Bublu Sarbani Thakur-Weigold

Medical technology (MedTech) is a growth industry, which like other manufacturing sectors has undergone fragmentation of production and emergence of Global Value Chains…

The potential for the participation of Nigeria in global horticulture value chains

Oluseyi F. Olaitan, Nick J. Hubbard, Colin G. Bamford

The purpose of this paper is to explore the barriers inhibiting horticulture product export from Nigeria, particularly to the UK, and identify those requiring resolution…

Are multinationals and governments from emerging economies configuring global value chains in new ways?

Claes Alvstam, Inge Ivarsson, Bent Petersen

The hallmark of today’s global value chains (GVCs), still dominated by multinationals from advanced economies, is a sophisticated international division of labor based on…

Bullwhip severity in conditions of uncertainty: regional vs global supply chain strategies

Marcelo J. Alvarado-Vargas, Keith J. Kelley

Using a phenomenon known as the bullwhip effect, the authors explore why additional uncertainty in the marketplace can create severe disruptions in global supply chains…

Cross-cultural collaboration for inclusive global value chain: a case study of rattan industry

Aluisius Hery Pratono

The purpose of this paper is to understand how the cross-cultural collaboration between developed market and emerging economies promotes an inclusive global value chain…

Creating high performance partnerships in Asia: the case of NEH the Philippines

André de Waal, Jeroen de Haas

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate a previously developed framework for creating so-called high performance partnerships (HPPs), which yields a competitive advantage…

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