International Journal of Emerging Markets: Volume 14 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The globalization of china

Guest Editors: Kwang-Ho Kim, Christoph Lattemann, Byung Il Park, Wenxian Zhang

China goes global: provenance, projection, performance and policy

Peter Buckley

The purpose of this paper is to examine the provenance, projection, performance and policy concerning Chinese outward foreign direct investment (COFDI) and speculate on…


Reviewing the research on the internationalization of Chinese firms: Thematic expansion, new impulses and potential future development

Timon Immanuel Haasis, Ingo Liefner

Supplementing a previous review article on the internationalization of Chinese firms (ICF) by Deng (2012) that covers the period 1991–2010, the purpose of this paper is to…

Re-orienting the paradigm: path dependence in FDI theory and the emerging multinationals

Jan Knoerich

The purpose of this paper is to analyze how path dependence in the evolution of major theories of foreign direct investment (FDI) locked in a theoretical perspective of…


Chinese multinationals’ FDI motivations: suggestion for a new theory

Byung Il Park, Taewoo Roh

The purpose of this paper is to complement the conventional international business (IB) theory, the OLI perspective, which is good at explaining the foreign direct…


The roles of emerging multinational companies’ technology-driven FDIs in their learning processes for innovation: A dynamic and contextual perspective

Ju Liu

The purpose of this paper is to contextually theorise the different patterns of emerging multinational companies’ (EMNCs’) learning processes for innovation and the…

Technological innovation as a source of Chinese multinationals’ firm-specific advantages and internationalization

Shaowei He, Zaheer Khan, Yong Kyu Lew, Grahame Fallon

The purpose of this paper is to examine how innovation-related firm-specific ownership advantage (FSA) plays a role in developing the competitive advantage of Chinese…


Absorptive capacity and innovation in China

David McHardy Reid

The purpose of this paper is to question the conventional wisdom that China fails to produce distinctive innovation; its capabilities limited merely to copying and reverse…

Managers’ psychic distance and its impact on Chinese FDI to Germany in the environmental industry

Katiuscia Vaccarini, Christoph Lattemann, Francesca Spigarelli, Ernesto Tavoletti

The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, to analyze the impact of Chinese managers’ psychic distance (PD) with Germany on their businesses; and second, to investigate…

The transition from relation-based to rule-based governance in East Asia: Theories, evidence, and challenges

Shaomin Li, Seung Ho Park, Rosey Shuji Bao

The purpose of this paper is to use the framework of rule-based and relation-based governance to examine the evolution of governance environment in the East Asian region…

How does home government influence the internationalization of emerging market firms? The mediating role of strategic intents to internationalize

Fernando Angulo-Ruiz, Albena Pergelova, William X. Wei

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the differential impact of government promotional measures and government ownership on two internationalization variables…

Returnee entrepreneurs and the institutional environment: case study insights from China

Jan Henrik Gruenhagen

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the phenomenon of returnee entrepreneurs, their venturing efforts and the impact of the institutional environment they operate…

When institutions matter: a gravity model for Chinese meat imports

Eva Hasiner, Xiaohua Yu

In international trade differences in political and legal systems confront trading partners with relatively greater information asymmetry and contract enforcement problems…

A typology of market-seeking investments: Swedish firms in China

Hans Jansson, Sten Söderman

Regarding globalization trends, it is essential for multinational corporations (MNCs) to operate in China if they are to succeed in the international business environment…

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