Journal of Technology Management in China: Volume 9 Issue 3


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Intelligence and job satisfaction in the USA and China

Cassandra Thompson, Samuel Lane

This study aims to evaluate both intelligence and job satisfaction of workers in the USA and China. Each topic will be studied individually, first, to determine the…

Health care infrastructure amenities – an empirical examination of Indian perspective

Atul Gupta, Ipseeta Satpathy, B. Chandra Mohan Patnaik, Niharika Patel

Health is an important issue in our life. A person with good health will have peace of mind and will be able to contribute to nation-building. We cannot expect performance…

The effects of culture on leadership styles in China, Germany and Russia

Jessie Richardson, Phil Millage, Jacob Millage, Samuel Lane

This study aims to examine how the leadership styles in the business world of paternalistic China, imperative Germany and authoritative Russia are affected by the…

Understanding and overcoming business etiquette differences in Japan, Turkey, and the United States of America

Brooke Eckard Marchiori, Charles E. Carraher, Kristi Stiles

This paper aims to utilize both Forsythe’s Ethics position questionnaire and the Big-5 Mini-Markers ten-item personality scale to analyze their relevance in determining…

A retail perspective on the shopping behavior, cultures and personalities for China, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, India, Germany and America

Taylor Thomas, Charles E. Carraher

This study aims to examine the shopping behaviors (online and in store), cultures and personalities of consumers within China, Belgium, India and Germany, and compares…

Increasing productivity in the Big 4: a research note

Chereen Pasha

The purpose of this article is to examine the idea of increasing employee productivity and retention within the Big 4 accounting firms through the inclusion of sleeping…

Cross-cultural, values and ethics differences and similarities between the US and Asian countries

Fredi Garcia, Diana Mendez, Chris Ellis, Casey Gautney

This article aims to investigate the differences and similarities among cross-cultural, values and ethics between the USA and Asian countries. This article analyzes the…

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