Journal of Technology Management in China: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Technology management in China: a global perspective and challenging issues

Richard Li‐Hua, Tarek M. Khalil

This paper reviews the framework of the management of technology (MOT) field and examines some application cases of technological development and innovation in China. It…

How technological capability influences business performance: An integrated framework based on the contingency approach

Yonggui Wang, Hing‐Po Lo, Quan Zhang, Youzhi Xue

This study seeks to address three research questions: how technology capability impact business performance? Does the linkage between technology capability and business…

Northeast China – cradle of change: A preliminary review of changing technological and industrial structures

Jon Sigurdson

The Northeast of the People's Republic of China is now termed the “rustbelt” of the country: there is a need to reform and restructure enterprises in the region. China's…

Innovation practices success in China: the use of innovation mechanisms in Chinese SOEs

Liqin Ren, Koos Krabbendam, Petra de Weerd‐Nederhof

The climate for technical innovation has been improving in the past few years in China. This paper describes a case research concerning technical innovation practices…

Exploring sources of competitive advantage: E‐business applications within the Chinese real estate industry

C. Matthew Hinton, Yan Tao

To investigate the key sources of competitive advantage gained from e‐business applications by Chinese real estate developers and whether the value chain theory and its…

Entrepreneurial service performance and technology management: A study of China and Japan

Shawn M. Carraher, Geralyn McClure Franklin, John A. Parnell, Sherry E. Sullivan

The purpose of this paper is to examine the utility of a selection instrument in predicting service and technologically oriented performance in technologically oriented…

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