Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 7 Issue 1

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


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From the 60s to their sixties. Baby boomers — challenges and choices for public mental health

Toby Williamson

This commentary considers the demographic ‘bulge’ of the so‐called ‘baby boomer’ generation and the public mental health challenge that this group will represent as they…

Integrating the promotion of child mental health into national policies for health sector reform

Woody Caan, Rachel Jenkins

To promote stable mental well‐being during childhood (from birth to 19‐years‐old) should be a major priority for governments. This is the time within the lifespan when…

Evaluating the implementation of the youth‐led emotional well‐being project ‘Getting it Together’

Kathryn Meade, Dhammica Rowel, Margaret Barry

This study reports on the evaluation of a youth‐led initiative on the promotion of emotional well‐being among young people aged 16‐25 years. Over a six month period, the…

Work‐related distress in the 1990s ‐ a real increase in ill health?

Stephen Stansfeld, Davina Woodley‐Jones, Farhat Rasul, Jenny Head, Simon Clarke, Colin Mackay

Over recent years there have been massive changes in working life and workplaces. Across the 1990s there has been a marked increase in reports of work‐related…

CBT and the challenge of primary care: developing effective, efficient, equitable, acceptable and accessible services for common mental health problems

Jim White

Recent guidelines suggest that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has a pivotal role to play in the treatment of common mental health problems (CMHPs). There is a danger…

STEPS: Going beyond the tip of the iceberg. A multi‐level, multipurpose approach to common mental health problems

Jim White, A Joice, S Petrie, S Johnston, D Gilroy, P Hutton, N Hynes

STEPS is a primary care mental health team that has attempted to develop a very high volume multi‐level, multi‐purpose service for those with mild to moderate problems…

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