Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 21 Issue 3

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


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Conceptualizing mental health among diverse Americans

Ethan Haymovitz, Kelly Barrett, Brianda Torres-Conley, Allison Schaefer, Rebecca Zimmerman, Yaara Zisman-Ilani, Debora M. Ortega

A single conceptualization of mental health based on empirical research has yet to be adopted by researchers and practitioners. This paper aims to explore how diverse…

Public perceptions of the effectiveness of income provision on reducing psychological distress

Emma Bridger, Daniel Nettle

The purpose of this paper is to understand public perceptions of the role of income for improving mental health, since public perceptions shape political decision-making…

The relationship between mental and physical health: a longitudinal analysis with British student

Megan Jansen, Chloe Chapman, Thomas Richardson, Peter Elliott, Ron Roberts

Previous studies in the field have highlighted a bidirectional link between mental health and physical health. Students may be at a higher risk of both mental and physical…

Drugs or despair? Unraveling the rise in deaths of despair in Illinois

Jessica Cataldo

Increases in deaths of despair in the USA have been associated with economic conditions and drug availability. In the state of Illinois, deaths of despair represent a…

Uncertainty in illness among individuals with schizophrenia: a phenomenology study in Indonesia

Fardelyn Hacky Irawani, Asniar Asniar, Marthoenis Marthoenis

Individuals with schizophrenia experience uncertainty due to the unpredictable symptoms, the course of the illness and poor knowledge about the disease, treatment and…

User participation in decision-making – a qualitative intervention study on mental health professionals’ experiences

Maria Bendtsen Kronkvist, Karl-Anton Forsberg, Margareta Rämgård, Mikael Sandlund, Tove Janarv, Patrik Dahlqvist Jönsson

The purpose of this study was to describe mental health professionals’ experiences of changes in attitudes towards, and knowledge about, users of mental health-care…

Facilitating free and paid vaccine acceptance in Malaysia: effectiveness of vaccine and fear of COVID-19

Soon Li Lee

This study aims to examine how demographic and psychological predictors of free and paid vaccine acceptance operate within an infectious environment. The psychological…

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