Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 20 Issue 2

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


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Nature engagement for human and nature’s well-being during the Corona pandemic

Miles Richardson, Iain Hamlin

To explore the associations between noticing nature, nature connectedness, time in nature and human and nature’s well-being during the corona pandemic restrictions.

Exposure to green space and prevention of anxiety and depression among young people in urban settings: a global scoping review

Rebecca Reece, Isabelle Bray, Danielle Sinnett, Robert Hayward, Faith Martin

There is a mental health crisis, particularly among young people. Despite many young people living in urban settings, reviews about the association between exposure to…


Cold water swimming for well-being

Billie Oliver

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the health and well-being benefits of outdoor, cold water swimming.


Increases of suicide rates in Kansas: results from 2009-2018

Jason D. Lloyd, David W. Oakley

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the increase in suicide rates for Kansas residents, as well as quantify the difference in suicide rates between men and women…

The impact of peer mentoring on students’ physical activity and mental health

Jonathan Glazzard, Anthea Rose, Paul Ogilvie

A peer-mentoring scheme was implemented in a secondary school using a physical activity (PA) intervention to improve mental health outcomes of students who were at risk of…

Mental health literacy of the Lebanese population (MHeLLP): a cross-sectional study

Rim Taleb, Nayla Kassab, Asmaa Kebbe, Nour Kreidieh

This study primarily aims to evaluate the mental health literacy (MHL) of the Lebanese adult population in an attempt to yield results that can help fill the gap in the…

Quality of life among patients with common mental disorders attending monk healers and primary care clinics in Thailand

Supa Pengpid, Karl Peltzer

Common mental disorders are not only highly prevalent in primary health-care settings but also negatively affect patients’ quality of life (QoL). This study aims to assess…

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