Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 19 Issue 4

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


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Social prescribing for patients of secondary mental health services: emotional, psychological and social well-being outcomes

Chris Dayson, Jo Painter, Ellen Bennett

This paper aims to identify the well-being outcomes of a social prescribing model set within a secondary mental health service recovery pathway and understand the key…


Exploring barriers to sexual transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV testing among young black sub-Sahara African (BSSA) communities in diaspora, UK

Shinga Nicole Nyashanu, Mathew Nyashanu, Mandu Stephene Ekpenyong

Sexual transmitted infections (STIs) are associated with high stigma leading to poor sexual health-seeking behaviour and mental health problems. Although human…

Association of shift work with depression and anxiety in middle-aged adults: a large cross-sectional study among Iranian industrial manufacturing employees

Zeinab Alizadeh, Hamidreza Roohafza, Awat Feizi, Nizal Sarrafzadegan

This study aimed to examine the association of shift work with depression and anxiety in a large sample of formal and contractual employees of a mill steel company, Isfahan, Iran.

Evaluation of a participatory approach to improve healthy eating and physical activity in a secure mental health setting

Alberto Mateo-Urdiales, Margaret Michael, Charlotte Simpson, Jane Beenstock

The prevalence of obesity in secure mental health units is higher than in the general population, having a negative impact on the physical health and mental well-being of…


Evaluating mental health literacy and help-seeking behaviours in UK university students: a country wide study

Paul Gorczynski, Wendy Sims-Schouten, Clare Wilson

Despite a high prevalence of mental health problems, few students know where to turn for support. The purpose of this study was to gain a UK wide perspective on levels of…

Improving well-being in dementia care for clients and carers

Rhonda Riachi, Sally Markwell

This paper aims to highlight the results and emerging themes from a study concerning the effect of communication techniques that were tailored to each client in relation…


Health-justice partnerships: innovation in service delivery to support mental health

Sarah Beardon, Charlotte Woodhead, Silvie Cooper, Rosalind Raine, Hazel Genn

This paper aims to introduce the concept of “health-justice partnership” (HJP), the provision of legal assistance for social welfare issues in health-care settings. It…


Cross-cultural adaptation of the recovery self-assessment instrument (RSA–R) person in recovery version to Brazilian Portuguese (Pt/Br)

Éllen Cristina Ricci, Erotildes Leal, Ehidee Isabel Gómez La-Rotta, Rosana Onocko-Campos, Maria O'Connell

The Recovery Self-Assessment (RSA–R) in Revised Version is an instrument designed to assess the degree to which mental health programs and services implement…

The impact of teacher well-being and mental health on pupil progress in primary schools

Jonathan Glazzard, Anthea Rose

The study was based around the following three research questions: What factors affect teacher well-being and mental health? How does teacher well-being and mental health…


Suicide prevention in community mental health: changing systems

Allison N. Ponce, Rebecca Miller, Milania D. Al-Jammaly, Edwin F. Renaud, Margaret A. Bailey, Susan Devine, Lindsay Oberleitner

This paper aims to describe a performance improvement process related to suicide assessment in a community mental health center. As suicide rates rise in the USA, it is…

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