Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 19 Issue 1

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


Table of contents - Special Issue: Student Wellbeing

Guest Editors: Julian Ashton

Research into student mental health: where have we come and how can we improve?

Poppy Brown

There has previously been limited research into student mental health. However, recognition of the unique challenges and the scale of mental health problems within…


Examining burnout in employed university students

Kristin M. Schramer, Carolyn M. Rauti, Arief B. Kartolo, Catherine T. Kwantes

Burnout has been studied by organizational researchers for nearly 50 years (Maslach and Schaufeli, 2017; Schaufeli et al., 2009); however, little attention is given to…

Accelerated two-year degrees in the UK: potential impact on student mental health

Dieu Hack-Polay, Magdalena Read

The purpose of this paper is to examine the ramifications of accelerated two-year degrees for student mental health. Since it was legislated in early 2019 in the UK, there…

How do academicians cope with occupational stressors to alleviate burnout? The experience of a research university

Mohd Shaiful Azlan Kassim, Rosnah Ismail, Hanizah Mohd Yusoff, Noor Hassim Ismail

University academicians are struggling to engage in teaching, supervision, research and publication. The purpose of this paper is to determine how academicians cope with…

Student drinking: is change possible?

Tracy Lumb

The purpose of this paper is to explore how the NUS (National Union of Students)’ Alcohol Impact programme is attempting to change patterns of student drinking using…


Pilot of a consumer based anti-stigma mentorship program for nursing students

J. Konadu Fokuo, Mary M. Maroney, Patrick Corrigan

Nurses and nursing students often hold stigmatizing attitudes toward patients with mental illness, contributing to poor health outcomes. To address this, direct contact…

“We need to slowly break down this barrier”: understanding the barriers and facilitators that Afro-Caribbean undergraduates perceive towards accessing mental health services in the UK

Tamara Nadine Sancho, Michael Larkin

Undergraduates are highly susceptible to the development of mental health difficulties. Afro-Caribbean students are particularly vulnerable to the pressures of university…

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