Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 18 Issue 3

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


Table of contents - Special Issue: Social inclusion - international perspectives

Guest Editors: Lee Knifton

What’s citizenship got to do with mental health? Rationale for inclusion of citizenship as part of a mental health strategy

Gillian MacIntyre, Nicola Ann Cogan, Ailsa Elizabeth Stewart, Neil Quinn, Michael Rowe, Maria O’Connell

People with lived experience of mental health problems (MHPs) are often marginalised and have difficulty achieving community inclusion. Citizenship, a relatively novel…

Suicide-related disclosure: implications for inclusion and recovery

Lindsay Sheehan, Nathalie Oexle, Michael Bushman, Anthony Fulginiti, Laura M. Frey

People who have lived experiences with suicide often struggle with concealable stigmatized identities that threaten their inclusion and recovery. While disclosure of a…

Recovery and self-identity development following a first episode of psychosis

Nicola Ann Cogan, Matthias Schwannauer, Sean Harper

The onset of psychosis typically develops during adolescence, a crucial period for beginning the transition from family to independence and developing a stable sense of…

Capturing the value of peer support: measuring recovery-oriented services

Stacey L. Barrenger, Victoria Stanhope, Emma Miller

The purpose of this paper is to examine the gap between recovery-oriented processes and clinical outcomes in peer support, an exemplar of recovery-oriented services, and…

Peer support on the “inside and outside”: building lives and reducing recidivism for people with mental illness returning from jail

Chyrell Bellamy, James Kimmel, Mark N. Costa, Jack Tsai, Larry Nulton, Elissa Nulton, Alexandra Kimmel, Nathan J. Aguilar, Ashley Clayton, Maria O’Connell

The purpose of this paper is to gain understanding about the effectiveness of a forensic peer support program’s impact on reducing criminal recidivism. People with…

Stigma, inclusion and India’s Mental Healthcare Act 2017

Richard M. Duffy, Gautam Gulati, Niket Kasar, Vasudeo Paralikar, Choudhary Laxmi Narayan, Avinash Desousa, Nishant Goyal, Brendan D. Kelly

India’s Mental Healthcare Act 2017 provides a right to mental healthcare, revises admission and review procedures, effectively decriminalises suicide and has strong…

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