Journal of Modelling in Management: Volume 12 Issue 2


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A data analytics framework for key financial factors

Jun Huang, Haibo Wang

The purpose of this paper is to identify a subset of key financial ratios and factors that provide the best discriminating power to distinguish between creditworthy…

Price protection policies with demand uncertainty and strategic consumers

Tingting Wang, Chuiri Zhou

This paper aims to study a retailer’s decision on the price and inventory when facing strategic consumer behavior and demand uncertainty. Price protection is a kind of…

Evaluation of success factors for medical device development using grey DEMATEL approach

Milind Shrikant Kirkire, Santosh B. Rane

Successful device development brings substantial revenues to medical device manufacturing industries. This paper aims to evaluate factors contributing to the success of…

3PL evaluation and selection using integrated analytical modeling

Abhijeet Haldar, Umer Qamaruddin, Rakesh Raut, Sachin Kamble, Manoj Govind Kharat, Sheetal Jaisingh Kamble

The purpose of this paper is to propose a framework for evaluating and selecting the most optimal third-party logistics (3PL) service provider vendor among the available…

Identifying meaningful neighbors for an improved recommender system

Rahul Kumar, Pradip Kumar Bala

Collaborative filtering (CF), one of the most popular recommendation techniques, is based on the principle of word-of-mouth communication between other like-minded users…

Accounting for asymmetry between strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in outranking methods

Nassim Dehouche

The purpose of this paper consists in discussing and modeling the asymmetrical nature of evaluation criteria that are notably relevant in strategic planning, project…

Using decision analysis to explore cable television delivery: A case study in university technology adoption

Keith Willoughby, Christopher Zappe

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the efficacy of decision analysis in determining the most efficient strategy for installing cable television in the residence…

Changes in customer preference heterogeneity patterns: a simulation study

Devanathan Sudharshan, Andreas Mild

At the core of the success of any firm is its ability to satisfy customer preferences. It has also been part of managerial wisdom that it is good management practice to…

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