International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 9 Issue 1


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A survey on security visualization techniques for web information systems

Tran Khanh Dang, Tran Tri Dang

By reviewing different information visualization techniques for securing web information systems, this paper aims to provide a foundation for further studies of the same topic…


An adaptive framework for QoS‐aware service selection optimization

Peter Paul Beran, Elisabeth Vinek, Erich Schikuta

The optimization of quality‐of‐service (QoS) aware service selection problems is a crucial issue in both grids and distributed service‐oriented systems. When several…

Using the structure of B+‐trees for enhancing logging mechanisms of databases

Peter Kieseberg, Sebastian Schrittwieser, Lorcan Morgan, Martin Mulazzani, Markus Huber, Edgar Weippl

Today's database management systems implement sophisticated access control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and modifications. For instance, this is an important basic…

NoSQL databases: a step to database scalability in web environment

Jaroslav Pokorny

The paper aims to focus on so‐called NoSQL databases in the context of cloud computing.


Tip information from social media based on topic detection

Yuki Hattori, Akiyo Nadamoto

The information of social media is not often written in ordinary web pages. Nevertheless, it is difficult to extract such information from social media because such services…

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