International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 5 Issue 4


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Ontology‐based activity recognition in intelligent pervasive environments

Liming Chen, Chris Nugent

This paper aims to serve two main purposes. In the first instance it aims to it provide an overview addressing the state‐of‐the‐art in the area of activity recognition, in…


A structural, content‐similarity measure for detecting spam documents on the web

Maria Soledad Pera, Yiu‐Kai Ng

The web provides its users with abundant information. Unfortunately, when a web search is performed, both users and search engines must deal with an annoying problem: the presence…

Schema‐level access control policies for XML documents

Tomasz Müldner, Gregory Leighton, Jan Krzysztof Miziołek

The purpose of this paper is to consider the secure publishing of XML documents, where a single copy of an XML document is disseminated and a stated role‐based access control…

Maintaining web application: an ontology‐based reverse engineering approach

Sidi Mohamed Benslimane, Mimoun Malki, Djelloul Bouchiha

Web applications are subject to continuous changes and rapid evolution triggered by increasing competition, especially in commercial domains such as electronic commerce…

Automation of post‐exploitation

Mohammad Tabatabai Irani, Edgar R. Weippl

The purpose of this paper is to describe the improvements achieved in automating post‐exploit activities

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