International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 19 Issue 5/6


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Intrinsic feature extraction for unsupervised domain adaptation

Xinzhi Cao, Yinsai Guo, Wenbin Yang, Xiangfeng Luo, Shaorong Xie

Unsupervised domain adaptation object detection not only mitigates model terrible performance resulting from domain gap, but also has the ability to apply knowledge trained on a…

Online educational video engagement prediction based on dynamic graph neural networks

Xiancheng Ou, Yuting Chen, Siwei Zhou, Jiandong Shi

With the continuous growth of online education, the quality issue of online educational videos has become increasingly prominent, causing students in online learning to face the…

Handling qualitative conditional preference queries in SPARQL: possibilistic logic approach

Faycal Touazi, Amel Boustil

The purpose of this paper is to address the need for new approaches in locating items that closely match user preference criteria due to the rise in data volume of knowledge bases…

LoGE: an unsupervised local-global document extension generation in information retrieval for long documents

Oussama Ayoub, Christophe Rodrigues, Nicolas Travers

This paper aims to manage the word gap in information retrieval (IR) especially for long documents belonging to specific domains. In fact, with the continuous growth of text data…

A real-time discovery method for vehicle companion via service collaboration

Zhongmei Zhang, Qingyang Hu, Guanxin Hou, Shuai Zhang

Vehicle companion is one of the most common companion patterns in daily life, which has great value to accident investigation, group tracking, carpooling recommendation and road…

Beneath the surface: a bibliometric analysis of the hidden risks and costs of blockchain technology

Zahid Mahmood, Muhammad Asif, Mohammed Aljuaid, Rab Nawaz Lodhi

The purpose of this paper is to identify the negative aspects of blockchain technology and to shed the light on most productive years, countries, authors, sources and frequent…

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