International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 19 Issue 2


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Output regeneration defense against membership inference attacks for protecting data privacy

Yong Ding, Peixiong Huang, Hai Liang, Fang Yuan, Huiyong Wang

Recently, deep learning (DL) has been widely applied in various aspects of human endeavors. However, studies have shown that DL models may also be a primary cause of data leakage…

Incorporating user behavior flow for user risk assessment

Yuxiang Shan, Qin Ren, Gang Yu, Tiantian Li, Bin Cao

Internet marketing underground industry users refer to people who use technology means to simulate a large number of real consumer behaviors to obtain marketing activities rewards…

STCGCN: a spatio-temporal complete graph convolutional network for remaining useful life prediction of power transformer

Mengda Xing, Weilong Ding, Tianpu Zhang, Han Li

Remaining useful life (RUL) prediction for power transformer maintenance is a challenging task on heterogeneous data. Monitoring data of power transformers are not always…

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