International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 14 Issue 3


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Event detection from Twitter – a survey

Dharini Ramachandran, Parvathi Ramasubramanian

“What’s happening?” around you can be spread through the very pronounced social media to everybody. It provides a powerful platform that brings to light the latest news, trends…

Identification of substructures in complex networks using formal concept analysis

Sebastião M. Neto, Sérgio Dias, Rokia Missaoui, Luis Zárate, Mark Song

In recent years, the increasing complexity of the hyper-connected world demands new approaches for social network analysis. The main challenges are to find new computational…

Effective keyword search on graph data using limited root redundancy of answer trees

Chang-Sup Park

This paper aims to propose a new keyword search method on graph data to improve the relevance of search results and reduce duplication of content nodes in the answer trees…

The influence of information technology strategy and management support to the internal business process, competitive advantage, financial and non-financial performance of the company

Endang Astuti, Suhadak, Sri Mangesti Rahayu, Wilopo

The purpose of this paper is to conduct a research to analyze and to explain the influence of information technology strategy (ITS) and management support (MS) on internal…


A framework for intelligent Twitter data analysis with non-negative matrix factorization

Gabriella Casalino, Ciro Castiello, Nicoletta Del Buono, Corrado Mencar

The purpose of this paper is to propose a framework for intelligent analysis of Twitter data. The purpose of the framework is to allow users to explore a collection of tweets by…

Web-based system for Japanese local political documents

Hokuto Ototake, Hiroki Sakaji, Keiichi Takamaru, Akio Kobayashi, Yuzu Uchida, Yasutomo Kimura

This paper aims to propose a Web-based system for visualizing local politics in Japan. Although many local governments in Japan provide public access to political documents…


Formalization of business workflow with typed attributed graph

Dipty Tripathi, Shreya Banerjee, Anirban Sarkar

Business process workflow is a design conceptualization to automate the sequence of activities to achieve a business goal with involved participants and a predefined set of rules…

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