International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 12 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Data Analytics in Web Information Systems

Guest Editors: Maria Indrawan-Santiago

Prophetic blogger identification based on buzzword prediction ability

Jianwei Zhang, Seiya Tomonaga, Shinsuke Nakajima, Yoichi Inagaki, Reyn Nakamoto

Identifying important users from social media has recently attracted much attention in the information and knowledge management community. Although researchers have focused on…

Twitter user tagging method based on burst time series

Shuhei Yamamoto, Kei Wakabayashi, Noriko Kando, Tetsuji Satoh

Many Twitter users post tweets that are related to their particular interests. Users can also collect information by following other users. One approach clarifies user interests…

Implicit communication robots based on automatic scenario generation using web intelligence

Ryo Mashimo, Tatsuya Kitamura, Tomohiro Umetani, Akiyo Nadamoto

This paper aims to propose a system that generates dialogue scenarios automatically in real time from Web news articles. Then, the authors used the Manzai metaphor, a form of…

Feature Engineered Relation Extraction – Medical Documents Setting

Ioana Barbantan, Mihaela Porumb, Camelia Lemnaru, Rodica Potolea

Improving healthcare services by developing assistive technologies includes both the health aid devices and the analysis of the data collected by them. The acquired data modeled…

H-SPOOL: A SPARQL-based ETL framework for OLAP over linked data with dimension hierarchy extraction

Takahiro Komamizu, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa

Linked data (LD) has promoted publishing information, and links published information. There are increasing number of LD datasets containing numerical data such as statistics. For…


“Crowd logistics”: the contribution of social crowds in logistics activities

Andreas Mladenow, Christine Bauer, Christine Strauss

The paper aims to provide the necessary basis for a novel interdisciplinary research field. Various types and implementations of crowdsourcing have emerged in the market; many of…

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