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Web spam detection using trust and distrust-based ant colony optimization learning

Bundit Manaskasemsak, Arnon Rungsawang

This paper aims to present a machine learning approach for solving the problem of Web spam detection. Based on an adoption of the ant colony optimization (ACO), three algorithms…

Development of mobile applications from existing Web-based enterprise systems

Itamir de Morais Barroca Filho, Gibeon Soares Aquino Júnior

This paper aims to identify and propose strategies for development of mobile applications from Web-based enterprise systems and introduce a process called Metamorphosis. This…


Formal and semi-formal verification of a web voting system

Maximiliano Cristia, Claudia Frydman

This paper aims to present the verification process conducted to assess the functional correctness of the voting system. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas…

The Modelery: a model-based software development repository

Rui Couto, António Manuel Nestor Ribeiro, José Francisco Creissac Freitas de Campos

This paper aims to present the Modelery, a platform for collaborative repository to support model-based software development. The Modelery is a Web platform, composed both by a…

Client-server architecture for pre and post-processing of real problems involving two-dimensional generalized coordinates

José Luiz Vilas Boas, Fabio Takeshi Matsunaga, Neyva Maria Lopes Romeiro, Jacques Duílio Brancher

– The aim of this paper is to propose a Web environment for pre-processing and post-processing for 2D problems in generalized coordinate systems.

Generic framework for enriching services: a multiagent approach

Angela Carrillo-Ramos, Luis Guillermo Torres-Ribero, María Paula Arias-Báez, Alexandra Pomares Quimbaya, Enrique González, Julio Carreño, Juan Pablo Garzón Ruiz, Hervé Martin

This paper aims to present a detailed description of Agents for Enriching Services (AES), an agent-oriented framework that allows adapting a service in an information system. AES…

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