International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications: Volume 10 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The confluence and synergy of mobile computing and multimedia with pervasive computing and communication

Integrating the audience into a theatre performance using mobile devices

Charles B. Owen, Alison Dobbins, Lisa Rebenitsch

Theatre Engine is a three-phase project exploring the integration of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers as user interaction mechanisms for live…

A scalable clustering scheme and its performance evaluation

Abdelhak Bentaleb, Saad Harous, Abdelhak Boubetra

Scalability is a fundamental problem in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), where network topology includes large number of nodes and demands a large number of packets in…

Exploring network selection techniques for multicast groups in heterogeneous wireless environments

Svetlana Boudko, Wolfgang Leister, Stein Gjessing

Coexistence of various wireless access networks and the ability of mobile terminals to switch between them make an optimal selection of serving networks for multicast…

Modelling users, context and devices for adaptive user interface systems

Eduardo Castillejo, Aitor Almeida, Diego López-de-Ipiña

The purpose of this paper is to review the state-of-the-art in adaptive user interface systems by studying their historical development over the past 20 years. Moreover…

SmartCopter: Enabling autonomous flight in indoor environments with a smartphone as on-board processing unit

Annette Mossel, Michael Leichtfried, Christoph Kaltenriner, Hannes Kaufmann

The authors present a low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for autonomous flight and navigation in GPS-denied environments using an off-the-shelf smartphone as its core…

A comparative study of the usability of touch-based and mouse-based interaction

Charlotte Travis, Pietro Murano

This paper is about an investigation into the usability of touch-based user interfaces. Currently, not enough knowledge is available to guide user interface designers and…

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