Interactive Technology and Smart Education: Volume 9 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Two‐part themed issue: ICT 2011 and MTEL 2011

Guest Editors: Part 1 Philip Tsang, Ken Eustace, James Henri Part 2 Markus Ketterl, Robert Mertens and Harald Sack

An intelligent e‐learning software for learning to write correct Chinese characters on mobile devices

Vincent Tam

Learning Chinese is unquestionably very important and popular worldwide with the fast economic growth of China. To most foreigners and also local students, one of the major…

Using Web 2.0 technologies: Exploring perspectives of students, teachers and parents

Mingmei Yu, Allan H.K. Yuen, Jae Park

The purpose of the study is to explore the perspectives of students, teachers, and parents in using Web 2.0 technologies.


Social competencies identification for realization of successful engineering practice

Malinka Ivanova

The aim of this paper is to identify the main social competencies that future engineers need to become recognized professionals. In the paper the key competencies for contemporary…

Flexibility requirements concerning the design of synchronous e‐learning systems

Matthias Jahn, Claudia Piesche, Stefan Jablonski

Today's requirements concerning successful learning support comprise a variety of application scenarios. Therefore, the development of supporting software preferably aims at…

ViPLab: a virtual programming laboratory for mathematics and engineering

Thomas Richter, Stephan Rudlof, B. Adjibadji, Heiko Bernlöhr, Christoph Grüninger, Claus‐Dieter Munz, Andreas Stock, Christian Rohde, Rainer Helmig

In the process of the implementation of the eBologna program and the recent change of the university system, curricula at German universities have been redesigned; courses have…

A rule‐based system for hybrid search and delivery of learning objects to learners

Yevgen Biletskiy, Hamidreza Baghi, Jarrett Steele, Ruslan Vovk

Presently, searching the internet for learning material relevant to ones own interest continues to be a time‐consuming task. Systems that can suggest learning material (learning…

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