Interactive Technology and Smart Education: Volume 6 Issue 4


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Guest Editors: Reggie Kwan, Bebo White, Sandy Tse, Ken Eustace

eLearning: from social presence to co‐creation in virtual education community

Ihor Katernyak, Sten Ekman, Annalill Ekman, Mariya Sheremet, Viktoriya Loboda

The purpose of this paper is to present an example of how the synergy of different competences in students' teams, out‐of‐the‐box thinking style and various motivation factors in…


Applying TSOI hybrid learning model to enhance blended learning experience in science education

Mun Fie Tsoi

Research on the nature of blended learning and its features has led to a variety of approaches to the practice of blended learning. The purpose of this paper is to provide an…

Blended teaching and learning in the School of Science and Technology of UniSIM

Andrew John Toon, Attallah Samir, Jennifer Huang Mui Kheng, Lim Kin Chew, Moorthy Vythilingam, Stephen Low Wee Kiat

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the blended learning preferences under which adult students study mathematics, electronics and industry certificate examinations like…

Placement testing: man and machine, doing the best we can?

Douglas McPherson

The purpose of this paper is to describe how and why Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) has developed a system aiming to effectively place students in freshman and…


Use of WebCT in online and blended modes

Allan H.K. Yuen, Liping Deng, Robert Fox

The purpose of this paper is to compare the use of WebCT in support of online and blended learning in the Faculty of Architecture of a Hong Kong university.

A review and synthesis of recent research in Second Life

Yu‐Shen Fang, Lung‐Sheng Lee

Applications of online Second Life (SL) prevail over the world. The purpose of this paper is to make a review and synthesis of recent research studies on SL.


The application of flash in web‐based multimedia courseware development

Jun Chen, Zu‐Yuan Wang, Yuren Wu

The purpose of this paper is to introduce some new functions achieved in a web‐based multimedia courseware, which is developed by Flash software and used by part‐time graduate…

Empowering learners as the owners of feedback while YouTube‐ing

Huey Zher Ng, Raja Maznah Raja Hussain

The application of a new technology (YouTube) can help lecturers in solving some of the issues related to workload and shifts support to students by giving them more…

Institutional‐level integration of the learning and study strategies inventory (LASSI)

Theresa Kwong, Eva Wong, Kevin Downing

The purpose of this paper is to exhibit the integration of learning and study strategies inventory (LASSI) with the City University of Hong Kong information systems to promote…


Enhancing maritime education and training: Measuring a ship navigator's stress based on salivary amylase activity

Koji Murai, Shin‐Ichi Wakida, Takashi Miyado, Keiichi Fukushi, Yuji Hayashi, Laurie C. Stone

The purpose of this paper is to propose that the measurement of salivary amylase activity is an effective index to evaluate the stress of a ship navigator for safe navigation…

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