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Personal Investigator: A therapeutic 3D game for adolecscent psychotherapy

David Coyle, Mark Matthews, John Sharry, Andy Nisbet, Gavin Doherty

Although mental health problems increase markedly during adolescent years, therapists often find it difficult to engage with adolescents. The majority of disturbed adolescents do…

More than just ‘XP’: learning social skills in massively multiplayer online games

Nicolas Ducheneaut, Robert J. Moore

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) have become complex social worlds. As such, playing these games requires more than accomplishing simple objectives: it is…


Social characters for computer games

Bill Tomlinson

Many current video games feature virtual worlds inhabited by autonomous 3D animated characters. These characters often fall short in their ability to participate in social…

Designing multiplayer games to facilitate emergent social behaviours online

Yanna Vogiazou, Marc Eisenstadt

This paper discusses an exploratory case study of the design of games that facilitate spontaneous social interaction and group behaviours among distributed individuals, based…

Adaptive thinking and leadership training for cultural awareness and communication competence

Elaine M. Raybourn

This paper presents a report on a new multiplayer simulation game for government and/or non‐government interpersonal and intercultural communication training that launched in…

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