Interactive Technology and Smart Education: Volume 17 Issue 2


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Design and evaluation of an ontology-based tool for generating multiple-choice questions

Marija Cubric, Milorad Tosic

The recent rise in online knowledge repositories and use of formalism for structuring knowledge, such as ontologies, has provided necessary conditions for the emergence of tools…

Using tangible user interfaces for teaching concepts of internet of things: Usability and learning effectiveness

Amaan Nathoo, Girish Bekaroo, Tanveer Gangabissoon, Aditya Santokhee

This paper aims to explore the use of tangible user interfaces for teaching concepts related to internet of things by focusing on two aspects, notably, usability and learning…

The effect of using videos in teaching and learning English present progressive tense

Adil Mohammed Hamoud Qadha, Mohammed Ahmed Alward

Using videos in language learning has been investigated in the literature to enhance second language learning. The previous studies have explored the effect of videos on learning…

Construction and psychometric analysis of teachers mobile learning acceptance questionnaire

Niti Mittal, Shirin Alavi

The mobile technology-pedagogy nexus has been instrumental in shifting the focus of information and communications technology in education from e-learning to mobile learning (ML)…

A case study of blended e-learning in Thailand

Jittima Wongwuttiwat, Vasa Buraphadeja, Tanakom Tantontrakul

This case study aims to analyze and compare the learning achievements of two groups of university students taught by: traditional face-to-face learning (TDL) and blended…

Using cognitive strategies overcomes cognitive load in online learning environments

Jamie Costley

This study aims to look at the relationship between extraneous cognitive load and germane cognitive load and how the use of cognitive learning strategies might moderate the…

The use of eye-tracking technology to identify visualisers and verbalisers: accuracy and contributing factors

Zhanni Luo, Billy O'Steen, Cheryl Brown

To build adaptive learning systems for a better learning experience, designers need to identify users’ behaviour patterns and provide adaptive learning materials accordingly. This…

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