Interactive Technology and Smart Education: Volume 1 Issue 1


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E‐Chalk: a lecture recording system using the chalkboard metaphor

Gerald Friedland, Lars Knipping, Joachim Schulte, Ernesto Tapia

This article describes a system that produces web based learning modules as a by‐product of regular classroom teaching. The lecturer uses a pen sensitive display in place of the…

Mini‐languages for non‐computer science majors: what are the benefits?

Peter Brusilovsky, Olena Shcherbinina, Sergey Sosnovsky

Mini‐languages for teaching principles of programming ‐ such as Karel the Robot ‐ were once used in top computer science departments to provide a “gentle introduction” to…

The Virtual Video Gallery: a user‐centred media on‐demand system

Giancarlo Fortino, Wilma Russo

The convergence of multimedia, virtual reality and the Internet is promoting low‐cost multimedia virtual environments which are easily accessible to large network communities…

Employing an experimental approach to evaluate the impact of an intelligent agent

Bernard Mark Garrett

This paper explores a different approach to evaluating the merits of specific technical components of computer based learning applications. A traditional double blind experimental…


An evaluation of the learner model in WISDeM

W A Janvier, Claude Ghaoui

This paper discusses an evaluation study of WISDeM, an interactive Distance Learning Tool. It covers the evaluation rational, details of usability evaluation, designing the…

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