International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management


Performance Management and Measurement

Table Of Contents: Volume 56 Issue 5/6 - Special Issue: Performance measurement and management systems: public and private sectors

Historical analysis of performance measurement and management in operations management

Zoe J. Radnor, David Barnes

This paper seeks to take a historic perspective on performance measurement and management (PMM) within operations management (OM) across all sectors (manufacturing…

The effect of performance management on the organizational results of a bank

André A. de Waal, Vincent Coevert

This paper aims to identify the impact and workings of a new performance management system in a branch of a national bank.

A performance measurement system for facility management

Alberto Felice De Toni, Andrea Fornasier, Mattia Montagner, Fabio Nonino

This study sets out to introduce an innovative performance measurement system (PMS) for business process outsourcing in facility management (FM) industry and analyse…

Aligning strategic profiles with operational metrics in after‐sales service

Sergio Cavalieri, Paolo Gaiardelli, Stefano Ierace

The purpose of the paper is to overcome the limitations of the current models available in the literature in terms of relation and consistency between business strategy…

Improving performance through tacit knowledge externalisation and utilisation

Marianna Sigala, Kalotina Chalkiti

The study seeks to examine the transformation of tacit knowledge (TK) into business performance by developing a two‐stage framework involving two processes: TK utilization…

A triple analysis of ISO 9000 effects on company performance

Micaela Martínez‐Costa, Ángel R. Martínez‐Lorente

ISO 9000 certification has a growing importance for companies, mainly in Europe but also in other countries. Several papers have analysed the effects of ISO 9000…

Measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction: company practices in Spain and Portugal

Arturo J. Fernández‐González, J. Carlos Prado Prado

The research objective is to analyze the situation and outlook for the future of the measuring and analysis practices used to determine customer satisfaction in 305 ISO…

Organizational capability in SMEs

Patrizia Garengo, Giovanni Bernardi

The aim of this study is to investigate both the path taken by companies in order to survive in a competitive environment and the factors that have favoured or limited…



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