Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management: Volume 20 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Product‐Service Systems

Guest Editors: Rajkumar Roy, Essam Shehab, Ashutosh Tiwari

The servitization of manufacturing: A review of literature and reflection on future challenges

T.S. Baines, H.W. Lightfoot, O. Benedettini, J.M. Kay

The purpose of this paper is to report the state‐of‐the‐art of servitization by presenting a clinical review of literature currently available on the topic. The paper aims to…


Service as value co‐production: reframing the service design process

Nicola Morelli

The purpose of this paper is to propose a methodological approach to design product service systems based on an active participation of customers to the value production process…


Configuration of product‐service systems

J.C. Aurich, N. Wolf, M. Siener, E. Schweitzer

Traditionally, many manufacturers of cost intensive capital goods have largely focused on design, realization and distribution of high‐quality products. Meanwhile, their…


Decision‐making systems and the product‐to‐service shift

Ella‐Mae Molloy, Carys Siemieniuch, Murray Sinclair

The purpose of this paper is first, to provide input to the “through life knowledge and information management” grand challenge and second to provide industry with a tool for…


Improving reuse of in‐service information capture and feedback

Yee Mey Goh, Chris McMahon

The adoption of the product‐service system business model means that the designing company has greater scope and motivation to learn from experience of its products in use to…


Which industrial product service system fits best?: Evaluating flexible alternatives based on customers' preference drivers

Mario Rese, Wolf‐Christian Strotmann, Markus Karger

Industrial product service systems (IPS2) are required to meet current customer needs in order to provide solutions to current customer problems. Furthermore, adaptability to…


Evaluation of customer satisfaction for PSS design

Koji Kimita, Yoshiki Shimomura, Tamio Arai

Combined offerings of products and services, that is, a product‐service system (PSS), have been attracting much attention. Consequently, a good design methodology of services as…


Consumer acceptance of product‐service systems: Designing for relative advantages and uncertainty reductions

Oskar Rexfelt, Viktor Hiort af Ornäs

Product‐service systems (PSS) could potentially benefit consumers, but empirical studies of business‐to‐consumer PSS solutions have been scarce. The purpose of this paper is to…


Technical product‐service systems: some implications for the machine tool industry

A. Azarenko, R. Roy, E. Shehab, A. Tiwari

The purpose of this paper is to develop a technical product‐service systems (t‐PSS) for the BoX® (Big OptiX) ultra precision free‐form grinding machine which has been designed and…


Product design for product/service systems: Design experiences from Swedish industry

Erik Sundin, Mattias Lindahl, Winifred Ijomah

The purpose of this paper is to elucidate how Swedish industry has adapted their products for product/service systems (PSS).


Framing research for service orientation of manufacturers through PSS approaches

Tomohiko Sakao, Gunilla Ölundh Sandström, Detlef Matzen

In order to respond to the industrial trend towards service design and delivery, research must address a vast area partially related to value creation, marketing and network…

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